Oil Ports Connection Instruction for Travel Motor

A double speed Travel Motor usually has Four ports need to be connected to your machine. And a single speed Travel Motor only has Three ports needed. Please find the right port and connect your hose fitting end to oil ports correctly.

P1 & P2 port: main oil ports for pressure oil inlet and outlet.

There are two big ports located in the middle of the manifold. Usually they are the largest two ports on a Travel Motor. Choose either one as the inlet port and the other one would be the outlet port. One of them is connected to the pressure oil hose and the other will be connecting to the oil returning hose.


T port: Oil Drain port.

Usually there are two small ports beside of P1 & P2 ports. One of them is valid for connecting and the other one usually is plugged off. When assembly, we suggest you to keep the valid T port in upper position. It is very important to connect this T port to right of the case drain hose. Never connect any pressurized hose to T port and it can cause both hydraulic and mechanical problem to your Travel Motor.

Ps Port: Two Speed control port.

Usually the two-speed port tends to be the smallest port on a Travel Motor. Depending on different manufacture and different model, you may find the Two-speed port in following possible three positions:

a.     On the upper position of the P1 & P2 port in front of the manifold block.

b.     On side of the manifold and at 90 degrees to the direction of front face.

c.      On the rear side of the manifold.


Ps port on side position


Ps port on rear positon

Connect this port to the speed switching oil hose of your machine system.

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Post time: Jun-30-2020