Important Note:

If you are receiving a Weitai Travel Motor which is delivered by air or Express Courier, there won’t be any oil inside the gearbox. You have to add new gear oil into the gearbox before starting using the new Travel Motor.

For ocean or land delivery, there will be enough oil inside the gearbox.

Final Drive manufacture

Oil changing frequency:

When you received a brand new Travel Motor, change the gearbox oil within 300 working hours or 3-6 months. During the following using, change the gearbox oil no more than 1000 working hours.

Check the oil level inside the gearbox every 100 working hours.

Final Drive Gearbox assy

How to check Gear oil level:

When you look at the cover plate of your travel motor, you’ll notice 2 or possibly 3 plugs. There are marks of “FILL”, “LEVEL” or “DRAIN” near each plug. as following pictures.

3 hole final drive cover

Arrange your final drive so that “FILL” plug (or any “DRAIN” plug if there is only two “DRAIN” plug) is at the 12 o’clock position and the “LEVEL” plug will be in the middle position of the cover plate.

final drive gearbox

Clean out any debris, dirt, mud, sand, soil, etc. from around the plugs.

You may need to strike the plugs with a hammer to loosen them.

Remove both plugs for venting purposes.

If the drive has sufficient oil, the oil will be level with the “LEVEL” plug opening, with just a small amount draining out.

If the oil is low, then you need to add additional oil through the 12 o’clock opening until it begins to run out at the “LEVEL” plug opening.

Once you have finished topping off the oil, replace both plugs.

Post time: Feb-22-2021