Travel Motor maintenance: Gear Oil Change


When you received a brand new Travel Motor, change the gearbox oil within 300 working hours or 3-6 months. During the following using, change the gearbox oil no more than 1000 working hours.

 undercarriage final drive

If you are going to drain the oil, it is better to do so after the travelling and when the oil is warm because that will make it much easier to drain (the oil is very viscous).

Arrange the final drive to make at least one Drain plugs are in the 6 o’clock position. The other Drain port will be either in 12 o’clock or 3 o’clock (or 9 o’clock) position.

3 hole final drive cover

As before, clean out any debris from around the plugs. You may need to strike the plugs with a hammer to loosen them in order to remove them.

Open both plugs. The upper Drain opening is for venting while the 6 o’clock Drain opening will allow the oil to drain out. It is better to remove the bottom plug first, then slowly remove the top plug. How far you loosen the top plug will at least initially affect how fast the oil drains out.

As the oil is drained out, make sure there are no metallic parts in the oil. The presence of metal flakes in the oil is indicative of a problem inside the gear hub.

When you are ready to add the fresh oil, arrange the final drive so that the Fill opening (or one of the Drain port) is in the 12 o’clock position.

DO NOT mix different types of oil.

Add the fresh oil through the 12 o’clock Fill or Drain opening until it begins to run out the LEVEL opening on 3 o’clock (or 9 o’clock).

final drive gearbox

While you are adding oil, take a moment to check for leaks around the main hub mechanical seal (it’s located between the sprocket and the track frame). If you see oil leaking from this area, it could indicate a much more serious problem. You need to stop the machine and have the final drive checked.

Once you’ve finished adding the oil, replace the plugs.

A good rule is that you should change the oil out about once a year.

Post time: Mar-01-2021