As a key component of the traveling mechanism of the aerial work vehicle, the working performance of the hydraulic motor will directly affect the traveling speed, driving torque and parking brake of the whole machine, and at the same time, it is also the key point that determines the productivity of the whole machine.

 KC38 motors

The L/K series swash plate type piston motor developed by us for the field of aerial work vehicles is based on mature technology, and has been improved in light weight and compactness, which is more convenient to install, and improves the output power. The performance is excellent and reliable, which meets the requirements of strong mobility, excellent maneuverability, reliable stability, and maintenance convenience required by the walking mechanism of aerial work vehicles. With high accuracy control valve, hydraulic pump and other components, it brings mature hydraulic system solutions to aerial work vehicles, which improves the performance, efficiency and safety of the whole machine.

KC45 Motor

Features and Benefits

01 Compact design

HM3V series motor adopts swash plate type axial piston structure and can be used in open or closed hydraulic transmission circuit. The plug-in design and reasonable arrangement of various components, such as optimizing the rotary body components, the position accuracy of the oil port cover, etc., achieve the goals of small size and light weight, and provide higher power density.

02 Convenient installation

Compatible with the light and compact L/K series motors, the oil ports are concentrated on one side, which is very convenient for installation and oil circuit layout, so it can be installed even in the narrow space of the wheel. For the new generation of engines, this solves the problem of very little space for the hydraulic system due to the exhaust gas treatment system, helping mechanical vehicles to cope with increasingly stringent emission standards.

03 Longer life

It also specially adopts bi-metal distribution plate, which has superior wear resistance and strength, which greatly improves the working stability and life of rotating parts. The swash plate seat has a simple installation structure and a composite-coated bearing bush without the need to introduce high-pressure oil lubrication, which further improves the volumetric efficiency and service life, and also makes it possible to reduce the use and maintenance costs of mechanical equipment.

04 More comfortable operation

In addition, the Lc/KC series is a two-position variable motor with integrated servo variable piston, which can set the minimum motor displacement to meet the high and low speed switching requirements of mechanical equipment in different environments and working conditions. Makes operation more comfortable and saves energy.

Post time: Jul-08-2022