Are you looking for a reliable, efficient, and durable aftermarket solutions for MAG-33vp series travel motor for your excavator? Look no further than the improved WTM-06 series motor from Weitai Final Drive. This innovative motor integrates the arrangement of 9 holes and 12 holes into the same motor and is designed to meet the connection needs of many different hole types of excavators. Plus, with a full range of travel gear and a rich inventory of most standard models, Weitai Final Drive offers an impressive 2-3 day delivery cycle – perfect for any machinery manufacturer’s needs.        



The improved WTM-06 series motor from Weitai Final Drive is designed to replace the MAG-33vp series travel motor. This motor optimizes the adaptability of the motor while reducing inventory rates by integrating 9 and 12 hole arrangements into one motor. What’s more, its plunger motors are incredibly efficient and its travel gearboxes are incredibly durable – making this product ideal for any machinery manufacturers’ needs.

Weitai Final Drive creates products that cover the needs of different types of excavators from 0.8 to 70 tons in weight. This means that whatever type or size excavator you need it for, you can be sure that their travel gear will do the job. Plus, with a rich inventory of most standard models in stock at all times, their delivery cycle is shortened to just 2-3 days – ensuring that you get what you need when you need it without having to wait long periods for delivery or parts being out of stock.


When choosing Weitai Final Drive’s improved WTM-06 series motor over other brands or versions on the market, there are numerous benefits to consider. Alongside its superior adaptability compared with other models on offer thanks to its ability to integrate 9 and 12 hole arrangements into one model, it boasts incredible efficiency due to its plunger motors as well as durability thanks to its travel gearboxes. Additionally, with such an impressive turnaround time offered by their rich inventory and quick delivery service, there really isn’t another option better suited for all your machinery manufacturing needs than this model from Weitai Final Drive!

If you are looking for an efficient, reliable, and durable travel gearbox for your excavator project then look no further than Weitai Final Drive’s improved WTM-06 series motor! With features such as integrated 9 and 12 hole arrangements into one model as well as plunger motors offering great efficiency alongside durable travel gearboxes perfect for any project size – ranging from 0.8 ton up to 70 tons – this product has everything necessary for any machinery manufacturer’s needs! So why wait? Get in touch with Weitai Final Drive today!


WEITAI Marketing Department

Post time: Sep-26-2022