Instruction Manual for a WEITAI made WTM Travel Motor

(part 3)

VI. Maintenance

  1. If the system pressure is abnormally increased during operation, stop and check the reason. Check whether the drain oil is normal. When the Travel Motor is working in normal loading, the leaking oil volume from the drain port should not exceed 1L every minute. If there is a larger amount of oil drain, the Travel Motor might be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. If the Travel Motor is in good condition, please check other hydraulic components.
  2. During the operation, frequently check the working conditions of the transmission system and hydraulic system. If there is any abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise or abnormal pressure fluctuations, stop immediately, find out the reason and repair it.
  3. Always pay attention to the liquid level and oil condition in the oil tank. If there is a large amount of foam, stop immediately to check whether the hydraulic system suction port is leaking, whether the oil return port is below the oil level, or whether the hydraulic oil is emulsified with water.
  4. Regularly check the quality of Hydraulic oil. If the specified value is exceeded to requirements, please change hydraulic oil. It is not allowed to use different types of hydraulic oil together; otherwise it will affect the performance of the Travel Motor. The time of replacing new oil varies depending on the working situation, and the user can make it according to the actual situation.
  5. Planetary gearbox should use Gear oil equivalent to API GL-3~ GL-4 or SAE90~140. The gear oil is initially replaced within 300 hours, and every 1000 hours in following uses.
  6. Frequently check the oil filter, clean or replace it regularly.
  7. If the Travel Motor fails, it can be repaired by professional engineers. Be careful not to knock or damage the precision parts when disassembling the parts. In particular, well protect the movement and sealing surface of the parts. The disassembling parts need to be placed in a clean container and avoid collisions with each other. All parts should be cleaned and dried during assembly. Do not use materials such as cotton yarn and cloth piece to wipe the hydraulic parts. The matching surface can drop some filtered lubricating oil. The removed parts should be inspected and repaired carefully. Parts damaged or excessively worn should be replaced. All the seal kits need to be changed.
  8. If the user does not have the conditions for dismantling, contact us directly and do not disassemble and repair the Travel Motor.

VII. Storage

  1. The Travel Motor should be stored in a dry and non-corrosive gas warehouse. Do not store it under high temperature and at -20 °C for a long time.
  2. If the Travel Motor will not be used for long-term storage, the initial oil must be drained out and filled with dry oil with low acid value. Cover anti-rust oil on the exposed surface, plug all the oil ports with screw plug or cover plate.

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