Nachi Wheel Motors for Compact Rubber Track Machines
Improve Your Sales Potential with Rubber Tracks.


Give your customers the option of rubber tracks, as an alternative to tires, and better meet their light-duty construction and earthmoving needs.

nachi wheel motors

Proven and trusted, our wheel motors are utilized by 50% of Europe and Japan’s rubber track markets. Nachi Wheel Motor sales exceed over 65,000 in those regions.

Nachi motor application

Nachi PHV Series Wheel Motors for Track Drives:
• Incorporates easily into a design
• All-in-one design – all required components are integrated (planetary gearbox, hydraulic motor, negative type parking brake, counterbalance valve, optional relief valve)
• High reliability – all main parts, including special-made angular ball bearings in gearbox, are made and tested by Nachi
• High efficiency – the axial piston motor maintains high efficiency. It reduces engine stall, and enables better machine maneuverability.
• Compact
• Two-speed function
• Parking brake – included as standard for safety
• Auto kick down

batch package

Find PHV-1B, PHV-2B, PHV-3B, PHV-4B and PHV-5B series Track Motors and Wheel Motors in our products list.

Post time: Oct-09-2022