Track Drive Motor JMV047

Model No.: JMV047
7-8 ton Mini Excavator Final Drive.
OEM quality with One Year warranty.
Quickly delivery within 3 days (standard models).
Interchangeable with Eaton JMV047 Track Motors.

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◎ Brief introduction

JMV series Track Drive Motor is consisted of JMV Axial Piston Motor integrated with high strength planetary gearbox. It is widely used for Mini Excavators, Drilling Rigs, Mining Equipment and other Crawler Equipments.


Max Output Torque (Nm)

Max Working Pressure (Mpa)

Max Output Speed (r/min)

Applicable Tonnage(T)







◎ Video Display:

Eaton Travel Drive

◎ Features

• Integrated gearbox with 2-speed Axial Piston Motor
• Rated pressure up to 365 bar
• Displacement: 16cc ~ 274cc
• Suitable for 1.5 ton ~ 50 ton mobile applications
• Integrated Relief and Counterbalance valves
• Integrated fail-safe mechanical Parking Brake
• Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce power loss
• Improved design for higher start up torque and overall efficiency
• Optimum design ensures smooth start/accelerate and decelerate/stop
• Compact design with high power density
• Auto-shift from high-speed low torque to lowspeed high torque at high travelling resistance
• High performance and reliability, high market acceptance with over half million units in the field
• Compatible fit for most popular installation requirements in the market

◎ Specifications

Model JMV047
Motor Displacement 44/22 cc/r
Working pressure 27.5 Mpa
Speed control pressure 2~7 Mpa
Ratio options 53.7
Max. torque of Gearbox 10500 N.m
Max. speed of Gearbox 50 rpm
Machine application 6~8 Ton

◎ Connection

Frame connection diameter 210 mm
Frame flange bolt 12-M16
Frame flange P.C.D. 250 mm
Sprocket connection diameter 265 mm
Sprocket flange bolt 12-M14
Sprocket flange P.C.D. 300 mm
Flange distance 68 mm
Approximate weigth 90 kg


Typical Applications:
• Excavator and mini excavator
• Crawler crane
• Winch
• Aerial working platform
• Grasper
• Rotary drilling
• Horizontal directional drilling
• Crusher
• Asphalt milling
• Special crawler vehicle



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