A10VG45 Axial Piston Variable Pump

Closed Loop Pump for Mobile applications.

Medium- high pressure pump.

Nominal pressure 350 bar

Maximum pressure 400 bar

Integrated boost pump.

Various control method.

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A10VG series pump is a widely used closed loop pump for medium to high pressure circumstances. The high pressure could be made 400 bar to 420 bar. It is widely used in Agricultural machinery, Construction machinery, Aerial Lift, and other special vehicles.


Swashplate design pump for static hydraulic transmission.

Integrated boost pump for boost and pilot oil supply

Flow direction changes when the swashplate is moved through the neutral position

Flow is proportional changed as the input speed and displacement for various speed.

High-pressure relief valves with integrated boost function

Boost-pressure relief valve

Standard pressure cut-off valve.

A10VG45 pump








 variable pump


Vg max

46 cc/r

 boost pump

 p = 20 bar

Vg sp

13.8 cc/r


 maximum at Vg max


n nom

3300 rpm

 limited, maximum


n max.l

3550 rpm

 intermittent, maximum


n max.i

3800 rpm



n min

500 rpm


 at n nom and Vg max


q v

152 L/min


 at n nom and Vg max

 Δp = 300 bar

P max

76 kW


 at Vg max

 Δp = 300 bar

T max

220 Nm


 Δp = 100 bar


73 Nm

Case volume




0.75 L

Weight approx.

 (without through drive)



27 Kg

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A10VG code1 A10VG code2

A10VG45 double pump
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A10VG double pump

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