A10VSO Axial piston variable pump

All-purpose medium pressure pump

Displacement: 18, 28, 45, 71, 88, 100, 140cc/r.

Nominal pressure 280 bar

Maximum pressure 350 bar

Interchangeable with A10VSO 31 series pump。

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A10VSO is one of the most popular variable pump in industrial and mobile application. It can be used in all application which need medium pressure. It is an ideal replacement for Rexroth series Pump.


Variable displacement by adjusting swash plate.

High efficiency.

Excellent oil absorption performance.

High power density.

Low noise level.

Good durability.

Standard assembling dimensions.

A10VSO hydraulic pump


A10VSO pump specifications


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A10VSO order code

A10VSO dimension code

Connection Dimensions: interchangeable with Rexroth A10VSO/31 series pump.

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